Man of purpose
Harpo / Joshua Dunlop

Arrin wanted to die.

Billowing smoke streamed upwards without relief, enclosing the Governor's apartments. It pushed up urgently, compressed by the deep, narrow streets below. As the smoke topped the broken pinnacle of the tower it expanded in folding volumes, bulging over him on all sides like a dark dome, the dense black walls of a giant’s bread oven. He weighed up being baked alive against the step from the balcony, but simply waiting for death would not do. He was for the jump.

Arrin lingered a moment, staring up at where there should have been intricate plasterwork, ugly and priceless. The ceiling was gone, and the roof terrace garden above it, shrubs and potted trees, gravel paths raked in scallop shell patterns. All torn away from the venerable pagoda tower by harrowing titans of the air, his exquisite rooms bared to caliginous skies. Drizzle and soot stung his eyes and trickled into his mouth. Arrin could not taste its bitterness over the brown tang of absolute defeat.

He shook foul water drops from his head and let it slump, leaden, as he trod down the steps into the grand parlour to cast himself from the balcony. He stepped over broken furniture left strewn in the wake of the hawk’s attack, and imagined the exposed apartments as a shaken dolls house.

Spoiler alert. Unfinished sketches only beyond this point.
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Man of Purpose is a Long Form, Fully Illustrated creative collaboration between Harpo and Joshua Dunlop. Our story is about the struggle to find meaning in a strange and ever changing world.

Story updates every Monday, with a new fully illustrated Frame the first monday of every month.


Harpo is working on the story. Joshua Dunlop is a talented concept artist based in London. He has an MA in Concept Art for Games and Animation from Teesside University and is working on several exciting but top secret projects.


Man of Purpose has limited funding until August 2017, by which time the project needs to be self sufficient or it will die a horrible death. If you enjoy what you find here, the best way to support Man of Purpose is by pledging a regular donation through our Patreon page, for which we will be very grateful.

Harpo and Joshua are happy to be contacted by agents and publishers about their work.

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